Letter from His Holiness July 2014


Letter from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Tibetan July 2014.pdf


Letter from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in English to Lozang Jamspal, PhD

Translation by Kaia T. Fischer


From our faithful Blo bzang ‘Jam dpal, I was very happy to receive suggestions for protecting the classical Tibetan Language and maintaining its continuity, sent with a spirited interest in working for the community.

At eighty two years of age (according to the Tibetan system) you remain responsible and in high spirits, making meaningful this human life. As one can see from your letter, you are interested that Buddha’s doctrine in general and the classical Tibetan language in particular not decline—highly praiseworthy subjects.

I myself, whenever the occasion arises, have often advocated for the preservation of the classical Tibetan language. Our understanding of Buddhism in general, and in particular the tradition of Śrī Nālandā, as well as the foundation, path, and fruition all depend on the classical Tibetan language.

On the occasion of the present Kālacakra Empowerment, in order that the literature of the bKa’ ’gyur (Kangyur) and bsTan ’gyur (Tengyur) may flourish, I have again insisted that the language through which one can understand them not decline.

That you may continue to make suggestions to eliminate bad habits and bring forth good on this topic, may you have physical and mental leisure for the rest of your time. May you pour your efforts into your virtuous activities and safeguard your health.

With Best Wishes,

Dalai Lama bsTan ‘dzing rGya mtsho (Tenzin Gyatso)

Advocate of the Dharma of the Śākya Ascetic  17th Rab-byung Era,

Year of the Wood Horse, 5th month, 18th date

July 15, 2014