Cultural Projects

The TCTG gives support to preserve the cultural treasures of the Tibetan Buddhist language and religion, especially the classical Tibetan and Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures, and to improve understanding of these original languages as well as translate the texts into English.  Financial support is given to translators, students and teachers, both monastic and lay, for translation work and study.

In addition support has been given for projects in Ladakh and India such as those at Asoka Mission in Delhi for medical assistance and conservation of the environment,  a new Ladakhi newspaper in classical Tibetan, temple preservation, for example, of the Maitreya Temple in Basgo, Ladakh, building a library at Likir Monastery and repair of ancient stupas.

Other projects planned include uploading photo and video images such as those of preservation work, historical sites and traditional practices such as pilgrimage in Ladakh and the preservation of traditional music through building archives of Ladakhi music, song and chanting.