White Tara Stog Palace 2

The aim of the Tibetan Classics Translators Guild of New York is to help preserve the classical Tibetan language and its vast literature. This is accomplished chiefly through translation into English of Tibetan and Indian Buddhist texts, publication and distribution of these Guild translations, and support for education in the ancient Tibetan language and pronunciation. Other works include classical Tibetan grammars and the reconstruction of Sanskrit texts through translation from the Tibetan.  Support has been given to translators, teachers, monks, nuns, and laypersons as well as for projects such as temple preservation, building medical facilities and repairing of Tibetan Buddhist temples and stupas.

Lozang Jamspal PhD is the Executive Director of the Guild, founded in 1984 by the late scholar Peter Sonam Jared Rhoton, Genla’s student.

shapeimage_3   Genla’s chief concern has been to improve the ability of Tibetan speaking peoples and Tibetan scholars to read the ancient treasury of Tibetan Buddhist scriptures and to spell correctly based on these ancient texts. This will also facilitate communication among Tibetan speakers of modern spoken and written Tibetan.